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You have a prescription but if you were to use theoretically anyway 5i percent benzyl peroxide it is a major carcinogen just googlebenzoyl peroxide in cancer and I know that it's a high concentrations but still do you want any concentration over have a carcinogen on your skin for dealing with acne it doesn't even deal with that messes were proactive is byte way and the vast majority of products are advertising this is really why this is what gets me about the skin care businesses you get people who are selling products who could care less about your skin and who are healthcare professionals Erotica who don't not that health care professionals were all that but still you get these business people who see profit margins and there is the on profit margins in the skin care business are on godly only the pharmaceutical business has higher profit margins in the world consumer products there's a process nasty stuff if your health care professional you know good and well that ends approx I is not something that you want to keep on your skin for any like the time reading also vitamin why would you use benzyl peroxide when you can use retina-a well because it's hard to find ran off that why my opinion retinol is the perfect form a topical by today you get anti-aging benefits you get healing benefits you get collagen building benefits and you get the anti Aki benefits but ague get enough for the dose you got to get another dose vitamin Reno’s Chu vitamin A or get converted to retinoic acid it's good stuff it's really good stuff and in fact some literature suggests it may be better for your skin and retinoic acid at least some day be better handled.


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